Dr. GD Singh

Dr. GD Singh is the Founder & President for Unified Brainz Virtuoso Ltd Prior to his entrepreneurial venture with Unified Brainz, a dynamic personality infused with entrepreneurial spirit GD has been actively playing role in leading the Top Management & board of advisory as a Management Consultant to Leading Companies in India & Abroad; His far-sighted vision and keen business acumen provide the necessary leadership and impetus to the group activities.

He has around a decade plus experience in Human Resource & Management Consulting specialised in branding, marketing & business modelling. GD is actively involved with his group both philanthropically & for profit activities in multiple sectors. He also serves on councils of various other academic & industry related forums and he has widely travelled to different countries around the world for several times to attend seminars, conferences & Global events.

On the recent front he has recently completed is post-doctoral degree, doctor of letters (D.Litt.) from Azteca University, Mexico through research based on his Thesis titled “ Branding – The Gap between Efforts & Success” also has been Awarded Full Professorship title from Azteca University, Mexico & similarly from Technological University of the Americas, Suriname. Very recently he has been invited to join in as the Board Member of Serbian Royal Academy of Science and Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.

Apart from his business consulting profile GD Singh is Editor In Chief for Passion Vista – Luxury, Lifestyle & Business Magazine as well an eminent inspiring talk show host by the name “Gusto with GD” GD is also a motivational speaker and corporate trainer on leadership, entrepreneurship, motivation, communication, personal excellence & various allied fields & subjects. During the last decade he has conducted training programs for the Corporate Sector and Student Community all over India and abroad and has almost trained close to over 10k employees of various MNCs & leading corporate houses across the globe in India, Africa & South East Asia. His seminars and workshops are well known for their high quality content backed by his unique and entertaining style of delivery. His programs are insightful and inspire action, building personal excellence and unleashing innate energies.

He was conferred a full Ph.D degree from KEISIE Graduate School, South Korea in Management on his dissertation & Thesis work on “A Study of Marketing India as Medical Tourism Destination & Building International Trade” in the year 2009. Further to this in the year 2009 he was bestowed with an honorary degree of “Doctor of Philosophy” in education (HonorisCausa) by International University, South Africa for his contribution to industry and society as an academician. Since then he has been actively working as Adjunct Professor with various international institutions as Academician and professor in management. Also was Awarded his second Ph.D in Management Studies from School for Doctoral Studies, IIU, European Union in the year 2011 for his outstanding work in management research with thesis work on “A Management Research On Corporate Employees to Check their Resistance, Influence & Response towards Changing Organisational Culture” Besides, he has also won many accolades and awards including the recent Distinguished Medal of Honour Award by the IIU, European Union.

Board Advisory Member of IFMS –Institute of Financial & Management Studies (IFMS, USA), Chief Advisor – International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research Academy (IJMRA), USA, Reviewer, International Journal of Business and Management (IJBM) – Canadian Center of Science and Education, Canada, Member Editorial Board – IJSTR, International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research (IJSTR) – Paris, France, Honorary fellow Member – Institute of Company & Commrcial Accounts, Nigeria (ICCA).

Some of the Prestigious “Titles, Honors, Awards & Accolades” Bestowed On
Dr. GD Singh

  • Prince-Title “HRH” in 31st May 2017
    Prince of The Royal House And Imperial Principesca De La Rosa
     by Royal And Imperial House Of Transnistria, Imperial House Kingdom of Fincia And Gran Ducal House In Jerusalem And Judea.
  • “H.R.H” – Title, H.R.H TUAN PANGERAN TERUTAMA DIRAJA – (Honorary Prince) on 28th July 2017
    The Title of Honorary Prince was bestowed in Jogjakarta, Indonesia in person Awarded by Kepangeranan Chandrarupanto Patani Shri Tiworo, Watikah Diraja;

    No: 8405/WD/KP/CPSHT/GELAR on “Raja Ke Shurveer Rajashree Sir Dr GD Singh” for his outstanding contribution in the society through social work and humanity.
  • Prince Royal & Imperil Title – “HRH” – Royal Title from Imperial, Most Serene and Royal House Ribezzi de Bourbon of Magri Von Habsburg , Italy on 12th Sep 2017.
    Was bestowed and Honored with the Honorary Nobility Title Conferred With The Honour And Dignity To The Title of Prince Royal And Imperial of House Bourgeons of Bourbons of The Meager of Habsburg from the Imperial, Most Serene and Royal House Ribezzi de Bourbon of Magri Von Habsburg On 12th Sep 2017.
  • “Count” & “Colonel” – Rank (Honorary); Count Palatine Member of the Court and Colonel of the Army of the Dynasty & Empire from Royal & Imperial House Draco Gold Ferrari on  12th June 2017, Lima, Peru
    Was bestowed and Honored with the Honorary Title of Count Palatine Member of the Court and Colonel of the Army of the Dynasty & Empire from Royal & Imperial House Draco Gold Ferrari bestowed by worthy hands of HRMI Prof. General Doctor Javier Otto Jorge Gold Ferrari, Grand Emperor Grand King Tzar Grand Duke Lord Scandinavia Crowned Holy Blue Bloodline and HH His Holiness Saint Peter II, Patriarch all Nations Worldwide, Maximus Pontifex
  •  “COUNT” & “DUKE” – Nobility Title on 24th & 26th March 2017
    Count & Duke Titles bestowed by His Imperial Majesty & Royal Mgr Don Andres Salvador Soto Caesar Martinez, Pontifice Maximus of the Casa Real e. Imperial De La Palestinae Romana Y Decapolis. Secondly, His Royal and Imperial Highness, DomAntonio R. Cavalcanti de Melo, Prince Cavalcanti de Melo, Grand Duke of Philadelphia, Grand Duke of Cavalcnti, Duke of Melo, Chancellor, Senator and Imperial Councilor of Casa Real e Imperial de La Palestinae Romana Y Decapolis.
  • DATO’ SERI PANGELIMA WIRHA DIRAJA – (Honorary DATO’ SERI) on 28th July 2017
    The Title of DATO’ SERI was bestowed in Jogjakarta, Indonesia in person Awarded by Kepangeranan Chandrarupanto Patani Shri Tiworo, Watikah Diraja;
    No: 8486/WD/KP/CPSHT/GELAR on “Raja Ke Shurveer Rajashree Sir Dr GD Singh” for his outstanding contribution in the society through social work and humanity.
  • DATO’ PANGELIMA WIRHA DIRAJA – (Honorary DATO’) on 28th July 2017 from Tiworo, Kingdom; Prov. Southeast Sulawesi, Kab. Muna – The Title of DATO’ was bestowed in Jogjakarta, Indonesia in person Awarded by Pemangku Utama Kerajaan, Raja Tiworo and Kepala Dewan Himpunan Kerabat Diraja Kerajaan Tiworo, DYMM OMPUTO SANGIA SIDAMANGURA II, LA ODE SOLEH MANGKAUWANY and H.R.H TENGKU PANGERAN ABDULLAH ALI CHANDRARUPA WIBOWO;No: 8559/TWR/GLR on “Raja Ke Shurveer Rajashree Sir Dr GD Singh” for his outstanding contribution in the society through social work and humanity.
  • Title of “Baron” – Royal Title from KAME on 18th March 2017
    KAME Baron & Ambassador
     for the Kingdoms of Atriscia Mogul Empire Royal Society, Sovereign Monarchy by her Supreme royal majesty Artiscia, Imperial Majestic Divine Highness & Empress.
  • Title of “Chief” – Royal Title from OYO State, Nigeria
    Chieftaincy Title of
     Bobaselu of Okeholand, Oyo Nigeria, Africa Looking at the social work, contributions to educational, social economic and technological development and humanitarian services for offered to Okeho in Kajola Local Government of Oyo State, Nigeria by H.E Amb. Prof. Dr. Sir GD Singh; he has been conferred a chieftaincy title of “Bobaselu of Okeholand” today, Friday, 11th March, 2017 after which he will officially be in a position to perfect the chieftaincy title against his name as ‘Chief’.
    Chieftaincy titles are the highest honour usually given to an individual who has contributed immensely to the development of the community & Society at Large for the region.
    Therefore from this day forward, he will the person conferred be addressed as “H.E Amb. Prof. Dr. Sir Chief GD Singh”
  • Knighthood – “Sir” Title – St. John of Jerusalem on 21st Nov 2016
    Ecumenical Royal Medical-Humanitarian Order Knights of St. John of Jerusalem knighthood from 
    Order of Humanitarian, St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Charity
  • Knighthood – “Sir” Title – OMR on 21st Nov 2016
    Knighthood from
     Order of Mystical Rose, Colombo, Sri Lanka Commandery
  • Award of “Humanity & Peace” – Royal Award – 14th July 2017
    Awarded as Ambassador
     for Humanity & Peace Award from KUTAI MULAWARMAN EMPIRE for theGood Services in the Kutai Mulawarman Empire Program in The Field of Humanity And Peace awrded on the 43th birth Annivarsory of His Excellency Maharaja Kutai Mulawarman Nusa lalimantan Prof. Dr. Hc.M.S.P.A. Iansyahrechza FW. Ph.D
  • Title of “Humanitarian Ambassador” – Honorary Title – 8th March 2017
    Appointed as Humanitarian Ambassador
     for the We Care for Humanity- WCH, ID No: WCHPA-0039 from the worthy hands of Princess Maria Amor Torres, Founder & President-WCH towards the Peace and Welfare of the human race.
  • “Ambassador for Peace” – Awarded on 4th October 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    The Centre for Peace Studies in Sri Lanka in Collaboration with Chartered Institute of Peace & Development Studies, United States of America & International Professional Examination and Evaluation Syndicate, United Kingdom awarded 
    “CPS Ambassador for Peace 2017” by the worthy hands of Dr. S.L Riyas, Founder Executive Director, CPS @ BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka; Issue No: CPS/2017/012 on 4th Oct 2017 at grand commemoration ceremony.
  • International Governor – Appointment from UNGDO on 26th Nov 2017
    Was bestowed with The Title of International Governor at United Nations Global Development Organisation, Incorporated in USA and registered with UN DESA
     on 26th November 2017 at a private ceremony being held at Colombo, Sri Lanka Supported by Way to Comfort NGO Foundation
  • Global Village Governor- Title Awarded by SUNFO on 29th November 2017
    Was bestowed with The Title of Global Village Governor by Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organisation- SUNFO, Presented at BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka on 29th November 2017


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  • Need New Business Ideas, their development into business model & execution
  • Content Development, Logo Suggestion & Brand identity creation
  • Want an outside opinion on what’s going on in their business
  • Brand modeling & Franchisee Development Plans
  • Are looking to grow but don’t know what to do
  • Are facing new competitors
  • Are unsure of the strategic direction of their business
  • Are facing challenges that they don’t know how to solve
  • Want external training support
  • Need me to assist in key business negotiation as external consultant
  • Want to manage the risk of a new business initiative.


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