Focus Area of Business

GD Singh is a young passionate entrepreneur, running his strategic business management consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning, brand building, marketing & communication planning, franchisee development, venture funding, mergers & acquisitions, accreditation, private equity, training and other allied fields related to management consulting.

We work with small and medium sized businesses to help them with their strategic planning and execution. Our clients frequently know what they want in terms of goals and objectives, but they lack the plan and the tactics to get there. Otherwise, they are looking for someone from outside of their organization to facilitate a planning session, or to assess their business strategy and give them recommendations.

SME Strategy- Management Consulting: “Accelerating Business Growth”

Clients who consult him personally look forward to:

  • Complete business venture setting up solutions
  • Need new business ideas, their development into business model & execution
  • Content development, logo suggestion & brand identity creation
  • Want an outside opinion on what’s going on in their business
  • Brand modeling & Franchisee Development Plans
  • Are looking to grow but don’t know what to do
  • Are facing new competitors
  • Are unsure of the strategic direction of their business
  • Are facing challenges that they don’t know how to solve
  • Want external training support
  • Need him to assist in key business negotiation as an external consultant
  • Want to manage the risk of a new business initiatives

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